The Constructor is a web-based application that enables realtime structuring, calculation and launch of structured products on over 1'000 underlyings. It calculates tradable prices in real-time and based on Leonteq market data. Traded products prices are published on Bloomberg, Reuters, Telekurs as well as right here. Currently the tool is offered only to users that are qualified investors in Switzerland and professional client and eligible counterparties in select European countries, with a rollout to further countries under review.
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Professional/Eligible client? You can have access to the Constructor via your Leonteq relationship manager.

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Public Constructor

Try out the Public Constructor for pricing and simulation purposes. Should you have any feedback or questions please contact us.

User Manual

Do you have questions about how to use the Constructor? Download the latest user manual.


Tailor-made products

Steps to a tailor-made product

  1. Select a structure - choose the product type you would like to create.
  2. Select your underlyings - choose underlyings from a universe of over 1'000 underlyings. Select by typing the name, ticker or by clicking on the entry in the dropdown menu.
  3. Select your issuer - choose from 6 issuers.
  4. Select the product parameters - define the product parameters and maturity details.
  5. Request a price - the price will be displayed in seconds by clicking on PRICE. Alternatively you can click QUEUE to store multiple price requests and retrieve them from your dashboard.
  6. Select a Termsheet - choose out of 4 languages.
  7. Click'n'Trade - you can proceed to directly trade the product. Immediately afterwards a trade confirmation and final termsheet will be sent to you. The settlement occurs via the usual procedures.
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Every price is tradable

During market hours and subject to certain size limits, tradable prices (service not available to all clients) or simulated prices are calculated at the time of the request, using Leonteq's quantitative models and market parameters (volatility, dividends, interest rates). Thus, prices are tradable at the click of your mouse, just “Click n Trade”.

Tailor-made products and more flexibility

The minimum size for your tailor-made product is only 50'000 in the respective investment currency.*

*The minimum size for HKD, JPY, NOK and SEK is 500'000, 5'000'000, 300’000 and 350’000 respectively.

SIX Swiss Exchange listing

Products can be listed at the SIX Swiss Exchange, where Leonteq Securities acts as market maker, providing liquidity during exchange hours.


Leonteq is constantly looking to redefine people’s investment experience through our leading and holistic platform.

Since one year now, the Underlying Optimizer has been assisting professionals in their product discovery. By computing all combinations for a given universe of investment, the tool helps meeting yield target expectations.

Developed in house by Leonteq, the Underlying Optimizer is a dedicated algorithm using a mix of Monte Carlo and machine-learning techniques. Calculating a large number of pricing variations in a short amount of time, the tool will extract the 30 highest yielding combinations within seconds and every proposed basket can be viewed directly in the pricing form with live prices.

Your custom and optimized product is now ready to be traded!

Download the User Manual for more details

Equity Screener

How to choose your underlying universe? You could rely on recommendation list or analyst research, but what if you could be able to choose yourself? What if a tool would be able to sort and filter stocks out of a huge universe?

This is what our Equity Screener is offering. Based on internal and external data, the Equity Screener is displaying all available stocks on our platform corresponding to your own qualitative and quantitative criteria.

Download the User Manual for more details

Investor Guide

  • Underlyings - More than 1'000 underlyings (equities, indices and precious metals)
  • Minimum Size - in respective currency 50,000 (except HKD, JPY, NOK, SEK)
  • Documentation - Termsheet (DE, IT, FR, EN)
  • Special Features - SIX Swiss Exchange-Listing


  • EFG International Finance Ltd (Guernsey)
  • Leonteq Securities AG, Guernsey Branch
  • Leonteq Securities AG, Zürich
  • Notenstein Finance Ltd (Guernsey)
  • Notenstein La Roche Private Bank Ltd
  • J.P. Morgan Structured Products B.V.


  • Airbag Certificate
  • Autocallable
  • Barrier Reverse Convertible
  • Bonus Certificate
  • Capital Protection Certificate
  • Discount Certificate
  • Dual Currency Note
  • Equity Linked Note (Asia)
  • Fixed Coupon Note (Asia)
  • Multi Chance Barrier Reverse Convertible
  • Outperformance Certificate
  • Reverse Convertible


  • CHF
  • EUR
  • USD
  • GBP
  • HKD
  • SGD
  • AUD
  • JPY
  • CAD
  • NOK
  • SEK